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6 Questions You Must Answer To Get Your Clients To Buy From You
Part One: The Six Essential Questions
Do you know the 6 questions you must answer to get your perfect clients to buy from you? 
Let me tell you a quick story to explain. So my son, who’s ten, plays football at school. And they’ve got a playbook they give the kids, right? With at least 25 different plays and strategies in it that they can use to win the game. 
How To Use This 4 Step Process To Find Your “Unique MO” And
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Tired of struggling to get a steady flow of new clients coming to you, even when you know you have a great product or service to offer?
6 Questions You Must Answer To Get Your Clients To Buy From You
Do you know the 6 questions you must answer to get your perfect clients to buy from you? 
Now the thing is, no matter how strong or fast their players are, if they don’t follow the playbook, and just do whatever they “think” makes at a given moment, they’re still not going to score. If they run the wrong route, they’ll lose points. So, a playbook of moves is crucial to either score the point...or make the sale. 
So today, I’m going to give you YOUR playbook to help you get more of your clients buying from you. Ok? 
It’s very simple actually. I’m going to give you the 6 questions you need to ask so your clients to WANT to buy what you have to offer. 
So...let’s dive in. 
Here are the 6 key questions you need to be able to answer:
Question #1: “Can I trust you?” 
If you can answer this question in the positive, before they even ask it, you’re bringing your prospects that much closer to paying you and becoming clients. Keep in mind, these questions won’t necessarily be asked out loud. People don’t usually just come out and say “Hey - can I trust you?” 
But really, this is what your clients are asking themselves in their minds…even if they don’t tell you. So knowing this ahead of time is like having a window into their decision making process. 
Question #2: “Does this apply to me?”
And, just as importantly - the question they want to know is, “Does this apply to me right now?” Because they are only interested in what can help them now, where they’re at...not in the past, or six months down the road. So, if you can answer that question in the affirmative, you’re that much closer to the sale. 
Question #3: “Can I do this?”
This question is important because they might be thinking that “sure, the experts can do this...or someone with lots more experience than me can do this...but, what about me?” So, if you can show them how THEY can do it, without a doubt, regardless of their experience level, you’re well on your way. 
Question #4: “Will this solve my pain, right now?” 
Now this is one of the most important questions to answer right off the bat. Think about the position your clients are in in this way. They are not just “curious”...they are bleeding, somewhere, metaphorically of course, but somewhere in their lives, they are really in pain, and have a problem they need fixing, NOW. 
If you’re the person who can solve that for them, immediately, why would they say no? You are their perfect solution. The trick to this one is to know WHAT your clients are struggling with...what their real pain points are.
Questions #5 & #6 Go Together: “Is it simple?” and “Does it work?” 
Now, if you can answer these two questions confidently, you’re again, on the road to a much easer “yes.” But, for this one, let’s talk about the elephant in the room for a second, ok? 
You're clients have probably talked to others before they found you. You’re not their first experience with this. And, they may have had a lot of disappointments trying things that hadn't worked for them.  They may have had some terrible experiences before they met you (almost like going on a date)! 
What can you say about your product or service, that will show them this will be a different experience? What can you show and tell them that gives them confidence and certainty that you are their choice?  Why won’t it be disappointing (like the “last time”)? If you can’t answer these questions confidently, they are likely to doubt you. 
There are 6 essential questions that, if you don’t address clearly for your potential clients, you’re losing sales... However, if you can get very clear on the answers to each of them, and be answering them as you communicate to your clients about what you do for them, then you’re golden. 
But hey, you know what? I’m not even willing to just leave it at that... 
I REALLY want you to apply this and be able to start getting more sales. So, I’m going to give you a couple other powerful questions and a strategy that when used can transform doubt to certainty.  How does that sound for you? 
Part Two:  BONUS Strategy For Greater Certainty
Question #7: “What’s missing?”
What this really means is, “What’s been missing from what you tried before?” And, “What’s been preventing you from solving this problem, in the past? What’s slowing you down right now?”
When you dig deep into these questions, you can help your potential clients transform their belief systems. 

When you can transform your potential clients belief systems, many times their confidence and certainty goes up, and it positions you as the trusted authority and trusted expert. 

And when you speak about what you offer as a solution in simple terms like:
Here's what it is...
Here's what it does for you...
Here's what that means for you...
Here's what this will give you... 

You're speaking in the most important language to your potential clients: "The language of outcomes, results, and breakthroughs."

"People don't buy from you because they understand you, they buy from you when they feel understood."  - Dan Sullivan
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- Dan Kuschell 
Creator of the “Unique MO” method.