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4 Steps to Create Your Irresistible Offer and Unique MO
Part One: WHAT The Unique MO Is
Tired of struggling to get a steady flow of new clients coming to you, even when you know you have a great product or service to offer?
Have you tried following “fail-proof plans” to use strategies like facebook advertising, joint ventures, content marketing, and more only to find they’re not so “fail-proof” after all? 
6 Questions You Must Answer To Get Your Clients To Buy From You
Do you know the 6 questions you must answer to get your perfect clients to buy from you? 
How To Use This 4 Step Process To Find Your “Unique MO” And
Triple Your Growth
Tired of struggling to get a steady flow of new clients coming to you, even when you know you have a great product or service to offer?
You’re not alone. Thousands of entrepreneurs are struggling to get “their share” of the confusing market out there these days, only to end up frustrated, exhausted, and wondering why they can never seem to get the volume of clients they truly need to hit their target income.
The good news is, you haven’t really been doing anything “wrong”...developing a great product, believing in your business, and sinking money into advertising...NONE of these things are your real problem. 
In fact, there’s really only one thing you’re probably missing. It’s that you haven’t established your “Unique MO” to set yourself apart from the rest, so you no longer have to struggle to get clients, but will have them coming to you. 
Even better news? 
You can use 4 steps to discover your Unique MO in less than 10 minutes - and implementing this formula can help shift your entire business model from being “one of many” to “the ONLY ONE” (your clients will choose). Here’s how it works.
The 4 things that make up your “Unique MO” are:
1. Your Unique Market
2. Your Unique Message
3. Your Unique Method
4. Your Unique Offer
Now, I realize that you may have no idea what your Unique MO actually is right now. That’s ok. 
I’ll explain more about what the four steps are, and how to think about them, in a moment. 
First, let’s talk for a moment about WHY you might want to follow this 4 step process asap, and what it can do for your business once you have it in place. 
Part Two: WHY Use The Unique MO
Here’s the thing. You know that what you have to offer is good, right? Otherwise you wouldn’t be doing it. YOU know that your product or service is heads and shoulders above the others...and that people should be coming in droves to purchase from you...
Yet, for some reason, they aren’t, and as a result, you aren’t getting the results you need. 
You might even be doubting yourself or your whole business...but you shouldn’t be. Because it’s not your product (or you) that’s the’s simply that you haven’t applied the “4 Steps” to your marketing model yet. 
But you don’t need to take my word for it…
Here are two Case Studies that demonstrate how well the 4 Step “Unique MO” process can work:
Dr. Scot is a chiropractor who was frustrated because he had a great service to offer but wasn’t getting the clients he really wanted. Dr. Scot worked hard, was honest, and really great at what he did. He wasn’t doing anything “wrong” - he just wasn’t positioned as the premier solution in the marketplace. He wasn’t seen as the “ONLY ONE”. He was seen as “one of many others” who were all kind of doing the same thing…
His marketing efforts were costing him far more than they should have - plus he wasn’t getting high paying clients who really valued what him and his team did for them... 
He was a bit frustrated at the ‘trap’ he was in because he knew he could so much more. We went through the “blueprint process” to establish his “Unique MO” which completely re-positioned him in his field. 
It positioned him as the authority, the specialist, and expert at what he does. 
Because who makes more: the generalist or the specialist?
Now, he has a steady flow of new clients who are a right fit for him and what he does. Now, he’s gone from clients that paid him $500 per month for his services, they now pay him $5,000 per month (and up to $60,000 per year) with his new “Patient Infusion Method”. The first time he announced his NEW Method to a group of doctors, they jumped at the chance to work with him. Being positioned as the go-to expert has shifted his entire model, and he’s on track to more than double his business.
Joe Polish runs a very successful, high-level mastermind for entrepreneurs, who each invest 25K per year to work with him. He also has a $100K per year program called GeniusX. 
Joe and Genius Network are positioned as a premier brand in the market.  They offer a great solution that speaks to the market.  They have a unique method not available anywhere else.  And they have a Unique Offer.  Here's a glance at what it looks like with these 4 steps: 
Unique Market: “Entrepreneurs doing at least 1 million, and focused on connection and contribution.”
Unique Message: “Reduce suffering for entrepreneurs.”
Unique Method: “Return on Genius” and/or “Genius Networking”
Unique Offer: “Genius Network.”
When I was brought in as an outsourced CEO,  Genius Network grew from approximately 67 Members to over 175 members.  There were a combination of factors for this, however part of this growth happened due to clarity in these four areas. 
Imagine how implementing something like this in your business would change your life right now?
This process works, and it can work for you.
Part Three: HOW To Find Your Unique MO
So now is the time! Take a look at the four steps below, get out a sheet of paper, and write down what makes sense based on YOUR business:
What is the perfect Sub-Niche that your business could focus on? How can you narrow your focus to serve a selection of “perfect clients” rather than trying to be all things to all people? 
For example, Dave Asprey runs an amazing company called Bulletproof Coffee. Bulletproof Coffee’s Unique Market could be: “Fitness enthusiasts who drink coffee.”
What is your Unique Market? Write it down. 
What message can you offer that only YOU can say out there? (Hint: it should be able to fit in a sentence or two). 
For example, Bulletproof Coffee’s Unique Message could be: “Get fit drinking coffee.”
What could your Unique Message be? Brainstorm and write it down. 
What steps or process make YOUR method unique in the world? What combination of things do you do to solve problems for people, that sets you apart and makes it so that they can’t find this particular process anywhere else? 
Example: Bulletproof Coffee’s Unique Method could be, “Add grass fed butter to coffee.”
Think about the method or process you use to help your clients achieve their goals, and how it could be condensed into in a sentence as your “Unique Method.” Write it down.
Lastly, what package could you create from your products or services that would take from being “one of many” to “the only one” out there, making you the only choice for your customers, and eliminating your competition entirely? This is your Unique Offer. 
For example, Bulletproof Coffee’s Unique Offer, is of course “Bulletproof Coffee.” The fact that it was the only coffee that used grass fed butter (at the time) set it apart naturally.
You might not have a product that does this right now (if you do, great!). But how could you create a unique experience, or unique combination of things or in a single package, that would set you apart from the rest?  Brainstorm about this, and write down your ideas as you think of them. Then choose the “winning combination.” 
Now, I understand. 
These ideas are normally new to entrepreneurs (green or seasoned) encountering them for the first time, and it’s not always easy to come up with the answers right off the bat.
You may be able to answer some of them quite easily...while others leave you feeling “stuck” without an least, as your business model is currently configured.
And yet, if you’re a true entrepreneur, you know the best way to use new knowledge is to take action on it and start implementing immediately - right?
Part Four: Want Help?
If you're looking for a way to stand out in the crowd, get more leads, sales, and profits and you'd like to find out if our team can help, then hit this link, follow the steps, and we can set up a time to discuss your business. 
In my 28 year business career, running 11+ companies, I've been fortunate to coach over 5,329 business owners from 180 niche industries, and 10 countries.  Let's see if we can help you hit your goals.   ;-) 
Seize the day!
- Dan Kuschell 
Creator of the “Unique MO” method.